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Fibreglass for problem-solving

With more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of fibreglass products for drainage, boat repair, pools, roofs and tunnels, Director, Richard Wood, is familiar with the versatility of his products, and is renowned for designing, developing and producing a bespoke item to solve a particular engineering, construction or architectural problem for wide-ranging applications.

What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass can be moulded into any complex shape to give a watertight product. It can also be applied on other materials as a waterproof coating.

Recycling is “green”

Fibreglass gives the renewables sector a double advantage. Tanks for rainwater harvesting, storage and bio-digesters can be made from resins manufactured from recycled plastics and other renewables.

Complex industrial mouldings

There is no limit to the uses of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Fibreglass can be moulded to complex shapes to successfully achieve the most demanding specifications, including large, irregularly-shaped swimming pools and ornamental koi carp ponds.

Built-in aesthetics

Strength, low weight and minimum maintenance requirements make fibreglass an attractive choice for creative architectural features.

There are few restraints on colour, shape, finish or size, so a functional item, such as a cowl or canopy, can be stylish, too. Unlike other traditional building materials, it doesn’t rust or rot and needs no painting.

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