Bespoke Products

Looking for inspiration?
We love a tricky problem. And no problem’s too large. From giant water tanks and a 15 metre flue stack to a delicate replica of a period embellishment on a Victorian building, fibreglass is so adaptable, we really can mould to any shape you require.

Our bespoke products are used in a wide range of sectors, from the Arts, through heavy industry, construction and utilities to prototype boats and luxury car parts.

  • Art students’ projects
  • Prototypes
  • Packaging of luxury and delicate items
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Period-style replicas moulded from ancient cast iron brackets
  • Large hotel pools with integral viewing windows
  • Aquaria
  • Ornate ponds

Attention to detail is consistent from initial interpretation and design, pattern-making and mould-making to finished product.

When you need to visualize, store, package, seal, waterproof or enhance, we have the ideas to make it work. And the skill to produce it at an economical price, from a one-off to a longer production run.