Corporate Social Responsibility

Medway Fibreglass Limited is a small company with close links with the local community. This statement outlines our involvement with the community and the detailed pages below indicate areas where we plan future development.

Customers - Suppliers - Staff - Local community - Environment

We are working with BSI on our ISO9001 accreditation and we have committed ourselves to working towards ISO14001 during 2011. We want our customers to have the best experience possible in dealing with us.

Suppliers continue to be a critical part of our business and we work with REACH registered national raw material suppliers as well as smaller local businesses.

Our staff will continue to develop skills including health and safety, production and more specialist training. We are working with a local college to develop courses that will benefit ourselves and others in our industry.

The opportunities for staff to engage in local community events and organisations are encouraged and supported by the board. These opportunities enable individuals to use their interests and experience to the good of the wider community and to broaden their own horizons.

We are committed to environmental improvement, both in our working practices and choices of materials, as well as the actions of individuals. Links with government agencies have assisted us in improving our environmental credentials, and our staff have made efforts to reduce their impact both in and out of work.

We will review this statement annually in August.

Richard Wood
Managing Director
19 August 2010

Our Customers

We manufacture within an ISO9001 quality management system, assessed by BSI. It is our commitment to our customers that we will work towards ISO14001 accreditation in 2010-2011.

Our quality procedures ensure that customers are dealt with professionally, from initial enquiry through to delivery and beyond. We ask that customers respect our commitment, by paying within our terms of sale. We are a CIS registered contractor and sub-contractor.

We wish to keep in touch with customers and prospects, and we use several marketing methods to achieve this. Our website will continue to be a key tool for communicating, and we use a minimum of digitally printed media. Our email campaigns are responsibly managed, and any recipient has the right to remove themselves from this service.

Our health and safety credentials reflect a culture of training and developing staff. All site operatives are CSCS qualifies, and we have engaged with the SHE through Estates Excellence to ensure ongoing health and safety improvements.

Our Suppliers

Wherever possible we are keen to engage with local suppliers. We commit to paying our suppliers on time, and use BACS to minimise waste in payment processing.

We have a small number of specialist raw material suppliers, which are national rather than local companies. It is important for us to work with reputable suppliers that comply with REACH regulations.

Our licensed waste carrier continues to work with us to identify opportunities for recycling, and our raw material suppliers are able to offer sustainable materials, including resins made from recycled plastics.

Our Staff

It is our commitment to staff that we will continue to offer opportunities for personal development when requested, and we will maintain any qualifications that need periodic renewal such as forklift truck licences or first aid certificates.

Health and safety qualifications and training continue to be an important part of our personal development plan, and all staff have engaged with the SHE Estates Excellence programme.

Our future training will focus on development of green technologies and we will give staff an opportunity to further develop themselves in this area. We are working closely with a local FE College to develop this training.

Staff members are encouraged to car-share or use public transport, and the whole staff is rewarded for this to avoid disadvantaging those unable to participate. All those able to share are currently engaged in doing so.

Our regular staff meetings give all team members an opportunity to suggest improvements and to raise concerns. These are minuted and actioned for the most appropriate individual.

The Local Community

We will support any team member who wishes to take reasonable time out for volunteering and working in their local community. Current activities include:

  • Supporting one of our directors to become a mentor for the Kent Foundation, helping young entrepreneurs, and to sit as a non-executive director of BSK-CIC, a social enterprise supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in Kent.
  • Using our skills to repair training vessels for Sea Cadet units in Sittingbourne and the Medway Towns.
  • Working with a primary school in the Medway Towns to assess the feasibility of upgrading its swimming pool.
  • Allowing a team member time off work to coach a young footballers' course in the Medway Towns.
  • Encouraging the principles of Common Purpose through engaging with its alumni programme.
  • Enabling staff engaged in Reserve Forces to take time off work to train and, if required, mobilise into active service. We also support the work of Combat Stress and Help for Heroes.

Engaging with local authorities and other public funded bodies through a seat on the North Kent Employment and Skills Board, chairmanship of Medway Means Business and close liaison with the local Member of Parliament.

As occupiers of premises on the Eurolink Industrial Estate in Sittingbourne we are happy to participate in the PACT Initiative with Swale Borough Council and Kent Police, reducing crime, vandalism and inappropriate use of the area.

Environmental Issues

We encourage our staff to use car-sharing or public transport where possible, and reward everyone for their willingness to participate, even those unable to do so due to geography or working hours.

Our buildings are fitted with many energy-saving features, such as PIR-activated light switches, upgraded compressors with latest features, and excellent insulation.

We are working with our waste removal contractor to identify opportunities to recycle, and we have worked with a number of our raw material suppliers to offer clients the opportunity to have products made from recycled source material.

Our work with the Carbon Trust and the Manufacturing Advisory Service has enabled us to improve our production facilities to reduce waste of all types, and we are constantly evaluating alternative production systems. We re-use our solvents, recovering the clean material on-site.

With a commitment to work towards ISO14001 in the coming year, we see environmental progress as a critical part of our business improvement programme.