We have designed innovative products and durable repairs for many applications:

As a non-conductor of heat and electricity, fibreglass is the ideal medium for products within an industrial setting. PVC pipes can be coated to make them UV-stable. As an effective sealant, it can also form an efficient coating in wet environments such as underground pipework, pools and wet rooms.

When a wind turbine blade was damaged on installation, we were able to repair the blade in situ, 50m above the ground. This saved the time and expense of bringing in a crane to transport the damaged blade to the ground to carry out the repair or to replace it with a new blade.

We also install bespoke waterproof van linings, and can create smooth, washable van linings for clinical waste carriers who need to thoroughly clean surfaces for hygiene purposes.

Products manufactured in our factory are delivered to your site, anywhere in the world. Our teams of engineers usually complete repairs in situ.