Pools, ponds and water features

A Medway Fibreglass lining is lead-free and cadmium-free, making it an ideal substance for swimming pools, water features, holding tanks and quarantine tanks used for fish and reptiles.

Size is not an issue. We have manufactured and installed linings for leisure pools and extensive ornamental ponds and aquaria for koi carp and other fish.

The excellent moulding qualities of fibreglass constructs an efficient seal around waterfeatures and viewing windows. And we can create contours and irregularly-shaped pools to make them appear a natural feature.

We manufacture counter-current exercise pools, which are great for swimming where space is at a premium. They are as popular with the keen swimmer as with the triathlete and Olympic-hopeful, who sees these innovative pools as a valuable component to a serious fitness regime.

Fibreglass is the obvious choice for baptismal pools, large enough to accommodate full immersion during baptism. Located in church buildings, they can be designed with single or double steps to any size, shape and colour.

Medway Fibreglass designs, moulds and installs efficient watertight products: anything from a vast, themed leisure pool with architectural features to a hygienic quarantine tank.